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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You are your own enemy

I had a discussion with one of my sisters about how I feel that my life has been literally on hold since graduating college. Why is that???? Well, all of my life it has
been instilled in my mind that, going to school will serve my life a better paying job with better opportunities. Ok, so what if your biggest enemy is the economy? (read earlier post). Anyway, I guess my focus in life is shifting back to the old one. The plan that's burried with the "what if''s" and the "what should happen".
It has been a decade already of missed opportunities of travelling the world. A plan that's been over powered by circumstances beyond our own control at times, to
having our conscience be the deciding factor of what our priorities are. So what was my point again??? Oh yeah, I feel as if my life has been on hold, while my husband has the opportunity of traveling the world and has a job with good pay, I on the other hand (in comparison) has the opposite. I feel stuck, within a decade (after graduating high school) nothing much has really changed. Getting married? Haven't really traveled much, and oh yeah, still fighting the same battle since graduating college in this horrible economy---- the battle of the empty promise. A promise of finding that job with better pay since well, I have attained that degree. Yeah, don't see that happening any time soon. I have applied to 40 jobs within two and a half years and only managed 2 interviews. Obviously, I was either too qualified or underqualified to get the job. Wow, that sucks! So what then? Can't exactly start a family since my husband and I are not financially prepared, so should I consider myself the reason for the hold back? What I would love to do right now given a chance is, to travel the world with no worries with my husband and my sisters. I don't want to look back in my life and feel that I have regrets. Elderly people have adviced me to not take life for granted, that we are young (in our late 20's) that we have the world by the ass, that we can do and able to do anything we want. Then why do I feel the opposite?

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