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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Economy for a College Graduate

It is obvious that the biggest battle today in order to find a job is the economy. I recently realized that there is a major difference between a job and a career. Since graduating, it has been a never ending quest of job hunting. All my life I was told by my family that all my dreams will become reality once you have a college degree, the career of your dreams will happen and with hard work and dedication dreams will be reality. Because of this comment, just like any other college student, you worked your ass off in school until that golden moment arrives, to hear your name being called to walk across the stage and get your diploma (even though in reality they send it to you by mail.. but still, nothing can't take that glory). It seems that my dreams became a nightmare when the economy hit hard and all of a sudden the job market became survival for the fittest; no one saw that coming. No one ever told me that the biggest enemy after getting your degree is the economy. Realistically, the competition to be hired these days are tougher than ever. I am still competing finding a job with the people I graduated with, the people that graduated after me, the people that graduated recently, and the thousands of people who lost their jobs in this emotionally devastating global condition- The Economy.

change to cater

Recently, I was faced with a dilemma. CHANGE- A change that was an unnecessary suggestion by a person i care about deeply. I was told, not asked, to change on "how I should react to certain people". WHY?! Why should I change to cater to their needs? I am who I am. I am not hurting anybody, I live everyday with the golden rule of  treating others like how I want to be treated. I make the change in my life based on my decision not because I was told to, irregardless of who it is.